Monday, 28 September 2015

Adorno & Horkheimer


Adorno and Horkheimer adopted the term 'Culture Industry to argue that culture items were produced were analogues to wow other industries. They linked this to mass culture in which all cultural production had become routine.  Capitalist cooperation seems to enjoy an omnipotent form of domination and both consumers. They stressed the structure of economic ownership and control of the means through through cultural products are productive. They argued that this directly shapes the actuality of creative artists.

 Cultural Industry operates in the same way as other manufacturing industries. Adorno and Horkheimer brought forward the idea that all culture industry products exhibited standardised features. This stresses the idea that there is nothing spontaneous of the culture production as it has become a routine operation. This allows the idea of a 'Pseudo Individuality' to take place which means that the Culture industry assembled products that make claims of to have individuality but when examined they critially exhibited little more than superficial differences.  For example take boybands for instance: all of them over the years have individuals which would be attractive to peoples preferences as well as all being around 17 - 22 years of age.

One Direction 

Take That 

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