Saturday, 12 September 2015

Goodwins Music Video Analysis Theory

Andrew Goodwin created a theory to apply when analysing music videos, it included:

  1. Music videos demonstrate genre characteristics (e.g. Stage Performance in a Rock video and dance routines in a pop video) 
  2. There is a relationship between lyrics and visuals 
  3. There is a relationship between music and visuals 
  4. The demands of the record label will include close ups of the artist to develop motifs (visual style)
  5. Reference to the notion of looking (screens within screens, telescopes etc.)
  6. There is often inter-textual reference to films,TV, Programmes and other music videos.
Intertextuality should instantly be a recognisable symbol of pop culture as it interacts with the audience by bringing in current affairs which is a great promotional tool to establish a fan base.

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