Thursday, 17 September 2015

Jay-Z 99 Problems Analysis

By using Godwin's Music Video Theory we analysed 'Hip-Hop/Rap' artists Jay Z's music video for his single '99 Problems'

  • The setting was in a derelict run down environment in Brooklyn New York, Jay Z's hometown, which enforces Rap Culture and is recognised as highly black community  
  • There was numerous close ups of Jay-Z lip syncing to the lyrics and of his chains and clothing
  • He used the intersexuality of the Police officers in his video to reference with his lyrics
  • Glamorous half naked women where shown in the video which brings in a lyrics and visual relationship as the hook of the song is 'Got 99 Problems but a bitch and aint 1'
  • He also shows racial discrimination by authority by showing prison brutality towards black people.
  • The editing was synced with the song

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