Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Music Video Brief

For my AS Media Coursework this year we have been asked to create an music artist to which we have to produce a digipak and  an unique music video based around their genes and image. With this in mind, the first release is going to be a cover song to help create a platform for future releases.

Through-out the accademic year I will be researching and planning throughly into music videos and this blog will be my personal journal of how my final peice was produced.

"Joe Scott, 18, was born and raised in south east London and didn't not complete his GCSE's when in secondary school. Instead he concentrated his time on writing songs and learning to play guitar. Being a massive fan of The Streets when growing up as a teen he was spotted covering 'Fit But Don't You Know It' by a independent record label owner at a London tube station. He signed to Dirty Hit Records in 2015."

Sound: Indie Urban Rock/Rap
Ideology: Carefree,Reckless, 'geezer' style behaviour
Influences: The Streets, Jamie T, Oasis, Rat Boy, Arctic Monkeys
Likes: Beer,Girls, McDonalds and Football
Dislikes: Politicians, School, Snobs and Police

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