Thursday, 10 September 2015

Music Video Timeline

 1929 - The Jazz Singer, Bessie Smith released a video of her performing the song 'St Louis Blues' but it wasn't shown in theatres until 1932.

1940 - Oskar Fischenger was a famous American - German animator who started experimenting using abstract work to match music.

1960- Famous singers like Elvis Presley and the Beatles started releasing videos including intellectuality for such as 'Jail house Rock' and 'Hard Days Night'.

1970 - Broadcasting companies and Record labels discover that television would be a good tool to promote songs and artists music.

1975 - Queen release the first music video which contained special effects and editing techniques in a 3 part social ballad. It was the most expensive music project of its time.

1981 - A new Music Channel called 'MTV' founded which created a huge demand and market for music videos.

1982 - Michael Jacksons song 'Thriller' became the pioneer for music videos as contained a narrative intertexual story line which complimented the lyrics. In order to include sophisticated visuals it brought choreography and good co-ordination into making a music video. This video marked the expectation of an artist to release a video with every single released.

1995 - Michael Jacksons music video for 'scream' breaks records as it had a budget of 7 Million Dollars, making it the most expensive video of all time.

2005 - The platform for Music and Music videos to establish an artist changed drastically with the founding of iTunes and YouTube.  iTunes allowed individuals to download thier favourite songs to their laptops. While YouTube provided record labels and artists a website to promote music videos,performances and songs  as it gave people the chance to watch videos on demand on-line.

2010 - Lady Gaga's video for 'Poker Face' passes   1 billion views on YouTube, making the most watched video on the internet.

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