Thursday, 8 October 2015

Digipak and Poster Draft

Here is a really rough draft on what I imagine my Digipak and Poster to look like. The colour scheme is going to bright possible yellow with the typography being dark. Also the font is basic on here but it can change. The front and inside photos are going to be shot using a fish eye lens camera with the typography of the album and artist name going round a circle boarder. In adding to this the CD and Bonus DVD covers are going to be basic with the same font and colour scheme as the album.  The Dvd is going to include a video diary documentary of the artists journey of recording, writing and performing the album prior to its release. This will also include unseen footage of a acoustic session where the artist is performing the leading singles acoustically.  The back cover and the track listing is going to take the same colour scheme of the entire digipak with the track list being shown centre of the back cover. Panel % is going to consist of a photograph from the same shoot of the front cover, but however in a different climate, time or environment (still undecided).

The poster is going to be taken from the album cover and the same colour scheme and typography. The bottom of the poster will include a 'Debut Album Out Now' phrase running along the bottom with 'Featuring the hit single...' in small font below it. In the left hand cover it will include the sale platforms and the right will include the social media sites of the artist. 

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  1. Your production log should detail everything you need for the shoot - take images of your costume choices, what settings are you using