Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Production Log - Digipak Photo Shoot

Yesterday during my free period I borrowed a eye lens and experimented with a few shot ideas i had for my digipak front cover. My friend Paru kindly took the shoots of myself striking different poses in front of a school wall. I brought in my most vibrant youthful hoody and wore it over my uniform. 

Here's what the weather was like: 

Here's a few of my favourites taken from the shoot: 

At first I wasn't particularly pleased with the way the shoot come out. I thought it looked too amateur and tacky for professional artists debut album cover. However, I took them back to the Mac Room and messed around with them on photoshop, applying different filters etc. I found using the 'glowing edges' filter on the third photo really illuminated the photograph as well as making it look dark. I thought this represented my artist really well as the glow from the hoody design gave the photo energy, something that my artist has loads of. In addition to this the effect also darkened the background making a contrast between the luminous and the dark parts of the picture. 
Heres what it come out like: 

Digipak Front Cover 

From the shoot, I learnt that I need to take more time planning into costumes, poses and also lighting is vital for a photoshoot, something which I did not take into consideration at all. For future shoots I am going plan throughly every shot and the setting as this shoot was just a spontaneous test, which too my luck ended up coming out nicely. 

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  1. Some of these have come out well for your test shoot. You now need to get a variety of shots, as these would not work across 6 panels. These should include long shots, midshots etc. I would also try some without the fish eye lens (although this would work really well as a cover)
    Try and experiment with the images on Photoshop - it should feel gritty and urban to suit your genre