Monday, 23 November 2015

10 Things That Could Ruin My Muisic Video

1. Weather

Weather could potentially ruin my music video as any extreme weather conditions would ruin my shoot. All my shots will consist of a normal day, with no rain. To ensure I do not get any problems concerning weather I am going to find a date were the weather is not drastic when planning my dates, then a day before filming I will check the weather report and reschedule if there are any problems.

2. Train Strike

As  my music video will consist of a lot of transport references a train strike would very much ruin my video in terms of shooting and also transport. To ensure my video will not get ruined I will set up alert on my phone so that I will get any Train strikes dates to me immediately so I can schedule around one if it does happen.

3. Camera Battery Running Out

When filming my camera battery may run out of charge mid shoot. This happened to me before last year when filming my title sequence and it hindered the filming process completely. To ensure that it does not happen again I am going to carry two charged batteries with me when filming and also make sure the one already in the camera is fully charged.

4. Bad Performance

A bad performance from myself in the video could ruin it completely as it will make my video look badly directed and tacky. To ensure this doesn't happen I am going to have practice runs of each verse before filming and get my emotions right. As I am the performer I have the idea of how I want my artist to act/perform in the video so I should be able to execute it well.

5. Run out of Memory

My SD card with in the camera can only hold an certain amount of footage while saved. In order this don't happen I am going to film with a large memory (16GB) SD card and erase any footage that already exists on it, which should give me enough space to film with for the day.

6. Broken Equipment

The equipment that I am using could perhaps become faulty on the day which would ruin my music video shoot, especially as I am planning on using hand held and go pro cameras. To ensure this doesn't happen I will double check all equipment before using it and on the day of shooting I will take extra care when using it.

7.  Costume gets ruined

As my costume is vital to presenting my artist having a range of costumes is important for all my different shots. To ensure I present this in my video I am going to have set costumes for each scene. For example I have different t shirts set for each shot and a few hoodies I'm going to be wearing.

8. Continuity of Shots

As my video is a montage of different shoots and scenes putting my shots into order to make it continuous is going to be vital. To ensure this executed in my video I am going to edit my video I am going to cut each shot consecutively.

9. Lip- Syncing

The lip syncing of my video is fast paced so to ensure I am going to get all the lyrics right and in time I am going to play my video in the background to keep myself in beat as well as speaking the lyrics out loud so it looks real.

10. Broken Bike

As part of my video includes my artist driving a BMX bike, having a good well functional bike is vital as if it brakes mid shot, I will have to re film all the bike shots again. To ensure this doesn't happen I am going to check my bike before so that I can fix any minor problems beforehand.

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