Thursday, 26 November 2015

Digipak and Poster Feedback

So today I presented my first (unfinished) of my digipak and poster to my class and teacher. The feedback I got back was really good as It showed me what I needed to do and some things that didn't work which I didn't notice myself.

Here's my digipak and poster drafts:

Here's the feedback I received: 

• I got really positive feedback on my front cover picture as they agreed with me despite it being dark it shows youthfulness and energy. 
• My poster is a success as it has all the requirements and conventions that a usual promotion poster in my Genre. 

• People pointed out to me that the Daily Mail raining is not accurate as it's not a newspaper that my target audience or artist would necessarily associate themselves with. 
• The font on my Digipak is childish and doesn't really go well with my house style, they recommended that I kept the same one that I did on my poster. 
• I needed more pictures of my artist to cover the 6 panels of my artist,  someone I didn't think I did needed. 
• Some also pointed out that my track listing and the rest of my digipak was too plain by just using black colouring and white typography. 

Changes and Considerations
• I agree with the Daily Mail comment so I am going to change it to a organnisation that accommodates to my artist and his audience even more. 
• I've now realised that I need more pictures of my artist with different shot types, so this weekend I am going out to take some more. 
• I am also going to change the font on my digipak to match my digipak. 

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