Monday, 16 November 2015

Music Video Pitch

Today I picthed my music video concept to my class and showed them my animatic, the process has allowed me to understand on where I need to improve and what to consider when filming from a  external view from own peers.

Heres the video of my pitch:

 Heres the Feedback I received:

  • The initial idea and concept for my music video was seen to have gone well as people agreed on that the the montage of different lyrical close ups linked in well with my genre characteristcs. 
  • The rewind idea of shots that presented in my animatic also received positive feedback. 
  • The way I am going to apply Goodwin to my video also went well, the Go pro of riding a bike and the transport scenes links in well with the lyrics. 
  • Most of the feedback i received mentioned the fact that i am going to need a lot of shots as my song is very fast paced. 
  • Also due to the pace of my song my editing will need to be better than the one in the animatic as some of it was out of sync with the the lyrics and the video.  
Changes and Considerations: 
  • I noticed that I am going to need more shots for my video so I am going to re think my introduction and interchange shots between the montage. 
  • I am also going to consider my locations of my shots as its vital in presenting the motif of my artists image and background. 

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