Thursday, 28 January 2016

Rough Copy of Music Video Feedback

So today I presented my rough cut of an unfinished video to my class who gave me constructive feedback.

Heres the Video:

Heres the feedback I received:

WWW: I found that the Go pro footage of the bike went well with the whole class as it it is original, and some actually advised me to add more in of different movements. All was also satisfied by the performance shots with the white screen as it said it added energy to the video.. I had a mixed feedback from the text i added in, some said it worked but i need to find a better font other said it makes it look too childish. 

EBI: A lot of my classmates said that i repeated too many shots, however i believe i didn't have a enough footage to link it up to so therefore they would think that. Another good point was that i need to edit out the glare from the train window trains which i did not spot

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