Sunday, 14 February 2016

Filming 13/2/16

Yesterday me and my friend Dan went filming in my planned location by Plumstead Station. We managed to film a lot of shots in terms of different angles of same shot which when editing gives me stuff to experiment on. We found a tunnel and I decided that it was a good place to film another performance shot of the last two verses as  the it  location portrays my artist as a gritty teenager in comparison to the white screen which forces the audience to focus on the costume

However, when we was filming the train scene we had a bit of trouble as there was delays acorss that line which collided with Charlton football match. So therefore the platform was more busy than usual. Next time I film here I will check for live updates for any disurptures as well as checking if Charlton will be playing at home.

Here is a few stills from what we filmed:

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